Listed in the reverse chronological order

About Melody Writing (2002)
(Studies in Composition, IV)
A compositional approach to contemporary melodic writing, based on the micro-analysis of the composer’s compositionEight Pages for solo voice on a text by Edmond Jabes, with a general discussion on creative problems, MS

Composition with Blocks (1984-1999)
(Studies in Composition, III)
A comprehensive approach to the problems and devices of contemporary composition, based on the understanding of the musical form as a layered process. MS

Symmetrical Modes (1984)
(Studies in Composition, II)
A practical guide to the symmetrical partition of the chromatic spectrum as a method of discovering new scale resources, MS.

About Heterophony (1982-1994)
(Studies in Composition, I)
A textbook for the composers describing various heterophonic devices in 20th c century music, their expressive features, and methods of practical writing; includes a wide range of musical examples from the composer’s symphonic and chamber compositions, MS.

Bach’s Secret Counterpoint (1985)
An attempt to analyze complex contrapuntal devices in Bach’sPartita in C major, MS.

Rotations – Transformations and Pitch Graph (1975)
An explanation of the composer’s Pitch Graph, designed for the analysis and creation of pitch sets and their symmetrical variants, MS

Pitch Graph (1972)
A practical device for analysis and composition, based on the use of newly discovered symmetrical variants (dodecaphonic or free composed); registered by the Library of Congress,Washington, 1974; first edition: Unipress, Jerusalem, 1974: second edition: Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, 2000.

Theoretical writings by S. Bogatiryov (1972)
A review of one the most important researches of canonic forms, presented in two books, written by S. Bogatiryov. Published in the collection: S. S. Bogatiryov: StudiesArticles,Recollections, Sovetsky Kompozitor, Moscow, 1972 (Russian)

Choral Composition (1965)
An official textbook for writing a cappella choral music, for students of the Composition and Conducting departments at the musical Academies in the former USSR, Sovietsky Kompozitor, Moscow,  1971 (Russian).

Symphonic Music (1962)
About the features and historical trends of large-scale symphonic compositions written by Kazakh composers in the period up until 1960′ s (in cooperation with N. Tiftikidi). Published in the collection: Essays in the History of Kazakh Music, Alma-Ata, 1962 (Russian)

About Polyphony (1961)
A brochure from a series of popular publications for students and teachers of music schools and amateurs, Sovetsky Kompozitor, Moscow, 1961.

Multi-part Canon and Canon Sequence (1958)
A theoretical research of complex canonic devices based on proposed by the author innovative theory of chains and their use in practical composition, published in Voprosy musickoznaniya (Problems of Musicology), Volume 3, Muzika, Moscow, 1961 (Russian).

About Canonic Imitation (1958)
An article about complex contrapuntal combinations, Sovetskaya Muzika 2 (1958), Moscow (Russian).