Songs of Captivity and Struggle (1957) ca. 8′
for Bar & pno
Text by Nikolas Gilien (Russian) (SK 154)

Children’s Songs (1959-64) ca. 18′
for v or children’s/women”s choir 
(Russian) (SK 3172, 3656, 3998; Lu 1966)

Songs of Anguished Love (1964) ca. 15′
for v & pno
Text by Silvia Kaputikjan (Russian) (Muz 2329)

Soare cu Dinitz (1972) ca. 12′
for v & pno
Text by Michai Chiubotaru (Molavian) (IMI 7393)

October Sun(1974) ca. 9′
for v, fl, vln, pno & perc
Text by Yehuda Amicahai (Hebrew) (IMI 7390)

This is a Gate Without Wall (1975) ca. 17′
for v, cl, bn, vln, vcl, perc & pno
Text by Yehuda Amichai (Hebrew)

Day and Night Arise to Heaven (1977) ca. 16′
for v, fl, tpt & perc
Text by Immanuel of Rome (Hebrew)

Circles (Life of the World to Come) (1986) ca. 11
for v, cl, vcl & pno
Text by Abraham Abulafia (English) (IMI 7381)

Letters of Creation (1988) ca. 12′
for v & pno
Text from ancient Jewish poetry (English) (IMI 7205)

Eight Pages (1989) ca. 9′
for solo voice
Text by Edmond Jabes (English) (IMI 7208)

To Go Away (1989) ca. 15′
for v, cl, vln, vcl & perc
Text by Jonathan Ratosh (Hebrew) (IMI 7396)

Vocalise (1995) ca.4′
for v & ob (IMI 7207)

Three Nights (1996) ca. 12′
for v, fl, cl, bn, gui, vln, vla, vcl & perc
Text by David Vogel (English) (IMI 7395)

Fermane (1998) ca. 9′
for folk singer and 3 cls
Text trad. (Kurd.) (IMI 7384)

If There Are Seven Heavens (2001) ca. 29′
Twelve miniatures for voice and cello
Text by Edmond Jabes (English)